South African verse

Some thoughts (and verse) about South African poetry

This is my blog of random thoughts about verse and verse about verse.

Rethinking business journalism

If we want a better, more inclusive economy, we need a new, more demanding form of business and economic journalism, one that questions the assumptions our organizations, industries, and economies are built on; investigates not only how the systems that govern them are working now, but how they might be improved; and prepares readers to… Continue reading Rethinking business journalism

Xhosa poetry

In the early 1970s I chanced upon a small book of poems translated from Xhosa that has in the years since intrigued me with an implicit set of questions around self-expression in one’s mother tongue. The pamphlet was The Making of a Servant and Other Poems, translated by Robert Kavanagh and Z.S. Quangule, by the… Continue reading Xhosa poetry


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