The usual process is:

  • Content editing in Word – suggesting changes to author in the text or “copy,” based on substantive issues and querying content for accuracy. Usually done with changes tracked. The copy is assigned to a copy-editor.
  • Copy editing in Word – correcting grammar, aligning writing with house style, checking for consistency, rewriting nominalisations and shortening copy by cutting out repetition and wordiness, et al. Usually done with changes tracked. Commissioning editor or author checks the changes and rejects or accepts the changes. The document is almost ready for publication and is sent to a designer.
  • Layout by designer. MS Publisher, Adobe InDesign is used. Graphics are created and sometimes pictures added.
  • Proof reading of print-ready page. Checking for grammatical errors and egregious errors or departures from house style. Changes kept to a minimum. Errors are noted in the text and in the margins of the publication.
  • Layout artist makes the final corrections,  as indicated on the page proofs. Commissioning editor or a designated “final eye” signs off on the proofs.
The editing process